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Chapter 39 – A Message Home

By the time Nyx had finally awoken, it was once again late morning, only this time it was due to nightmares, rather than just her body trying to catch up on the sleep she had lost. For the first time in days, Nyx found herself feeling somewhat refreshed, now that she had faced her fears, she felt like she was free from the nightmares. However one fear still remained… apologising to G, how was he going to react when she finally spoke to him, surely he his feelings must have been seriously hurt when she tried to avoid him, if so then Nyx needed to find him fast. At first she was going to head straight towards his bedroom, however a certain smashing sound erupted from downstairs. As curious as she was Nyx instantly ran down into the living room, where Franky, Goggles, Adagio and Ruby were standing with their arms crossed.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Nyx asked.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” Adagio sighed. “Luffy’s just doing something stupid again.”

Nyx couldn’t help but roll her eyes at that.

“Oh jeez, what’s he done now?” she asked unamusingly.

“Well he finally figured out that he wouldn’t be able to sneak any late night snacks from the fridge so he tried tasting one of Uncle’s spell ingredients this morning,” Franky explained.

“And THIS is the result,” Ruby added, pointing towards the window.

It was only then that Nyx took the time to look outside, though outside would be somewhat misleading since the area in question was still technically part of the building. To put it simply, while most people have their greenhouses built in the corner of their gardens, G had his build around the entirety of it, with walls of glass standing at least 50 feet high, just below the roof of the house itself and a dome roof that reflected the sun perfectly over the vegetation. The Garden itself was certainly impressive, despite having no one to care for it between G’s visits, it’s certainly grown into an interesting suburban jungle that would make any botanists jealous, and best of all, since the glass was tinted from the outside there was no chance of anyone catching a glimpse of anyone should they decided to take in some sun. However it wasn’t the garden that everyone was looking at, but rather who was in it, specifically a certain Pirate in a Straw hat, his belly inflated like a beach ball and hovering at least twenty feet in the air! Below him was Sonata, who had a worried look upon her face, and Uncle, who had a FURIOUS look on his face and was throwing random objects at Luffy in a fit of rage, only to have them bounce off his belly.

“He’s lucky that he’s made of rubber,” Goggles pointed out, taking a seat on the open Window sill. “That much helium inside a normal person would most likely kill them.”

Nyx’s jaw couldn’t help but drop upon seeing the spectacle before her eyes, granted she had come to learn that Luffy was prone to doing stupid things but this was just taking the cake. With her curiosity peaked, she then used her little wings to fly out of the window and up to where Luffy was hovering, upon arrival she couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she saw Luffy laughing like a maniac at the whole situation.

“Hey Nyx, check me out,” he cackled in a high squeaky voice, most likely due to the helium. “Now I really am a balloon!”

Of course Nyx he what she meant, after all she took it upon herself to learn all that she could about her new friends after arriving in this realm, as such she’s quite familiar with the way Luffy fights, so she was quick to pick up his reference to one of his defensive ones. Obviously she too amused at Luffy’s statement, after all she wasn’t that much like her Auntie Pinkie Pie, even she had limits to how much of Luffy’s humour she could take. Back on the ground, Adagio, Franky, Ruby and Goggles joined Uncle and Sonata on the grassy floor of the garden.

“Ugh, how long do we have to put up with this?” Adagio complained, not wanting to hear another moment of Luffy’s laughing.

At those words, Uncle managed to calm himself down long enough to give the best explanation he could.

“The incomplete potion the stupid boy consumed was combination of Ginko Root and ground dragon bone.” he clarified. “But effects are only temporary, estimated time of deflation will be in five seconds.”

Upon hearing that, Ruby couldn’t help but count down.

“3… 2… 1,” she said, counting down with her fingers.

Upon reaching zero, a loud rumble began erupting from Luffy’s stomach and the outside of his belly jingled a bowl full of jelly, within a matter of seconds a loud belch left Luffy’s mouth, releasing a cloud of noxious green fumes that both sent Nyx flying into one of the open upstairs windows and sent HIM flying all over the garden like an actual deflating balloon. By the by time Luffy has returned to his normal size and finally fell to the ground with a loud thump, the entire garden was clouded by the green mist he had created and contained within the glass confines of the greenhouse walls, thus making everyone else in the garden heave with disgust as they were forced to inhale the terrible fumes.

“Ugh, that’s disgusting!” Adagio squealed, clasping her hands over her nose and mouth.

“It smells like Chef’s old socks!” Sonata added, grasping her throat and trying desperately not to be sick.

“Nobody light a match in here, for Celestia’s sake!” Goggles yelled, basically choking on the noxious mist that made his eyes water.


While everyone else outside continued to suffocate on the green mist outside, Nyx on the other hand found herself dizzily getting back to her hooves as she recovered from the little blast of air Luffy had sent her flying with. However soon enough she realised just who’s window she was sent flying through as a familiar snore rang in her ears, widening he eyes with shock Nyx turned and saw the dozy form of G as he drowsily began to awaken. At that moment, only one thing sprang to Nyx’s mind as to what to do next.

“Uh… hi G,” she said, nervously giving a small wave in G’s face.

Upon realising whom had just entered his line of vision, G’s drowsiness disappeared in an instant and he jumped to his feet in shock.

“Nyx!?!” he gasped, soon trying desperately to regain his composure around the filly. “Y… you startled me, I wasn’t really expecting you to… what the hell!?!”

It was only then that G caught the scent of the noxious mist that was slowly seeping into his room through the open window, had his sense of smell been at its best he might have woken up sooner but that was beside the point. Upon pinching his nose and looking outside to see the struggling silhouettes of those who were in the garden, G wouldn’t help but groan and roll his eyes.

“Luffy?” he asked, his suspicions confirmed as Nyx gave him a small nod.

Upon that confirmation, G couldn’t help but face-palm as he rummaged through his vest pockets again, only to pull out a small button similar to a remote-detonator, after which he quickly pressed it and the loud sound of gears echoed outside. Taking a peak out of the window, Nyx saw just what G had done when he pushed that button, as several of the top windows opened up from the dome roof a large exhaust-fan to whirl up from the very top of it, thus clearing the green mist in a matter of minutes, allowing everyone in the garden to breathe again… and then beat up Luffy to a pulp. After closing the window in order to get some peace and quiet, G’s worried look returned as he turned to face Nyx, what was he going to say now? Surely there must be something that would allow him to break the ice, after all it was G’s intention to make up with the filly, however before he could get a word out, Nyx beat him to the punch.

“G, I want to say something to you,” she said, catching G off-guard.

Needless to say G was surprised that it was Nyx who spoke first, however in the young filly’s opinion, if she didn’t get what she needed to say out right now then she may lose the confidence to do it at all.

“Oh?” G uttered, wonder where Nyx was going with this strange turn of events.

It was then that Nyx gave G the shock of his life as she said the next two words.

“I’m sorry,” she said, finally getting it out, there was no turning back now.

Of course G’s jaw couldn’t help but drop upon hearing that, SHE was apologising!?! Why? He was the one in the wrong here, wasn’t he?

“Look, I know that the only reason you became all… dark like that, is because you saw me get hurt,” Nyx continued. “So I shouldn’t have acted the way I did, it was wrong of me to shun you like that. I’m sorry.”

At those words the room fell into silence, for the next few minutes neither one of them spoke as they both tried to absorb what had just occurred, now that Nyx just what she needed to all that was left was to hear G’s reaction, would he forgive her for acting so foolishly? But strangely enough, the only thing that escaped G’s mouth after that brief lapse of silence was a small chuckle, much to nyx’s surprise.

“No I’M sorry,” he said, placing a hand on Nyx’s head reassuringly, surprisingly enough she didn’t cringe this time, only look up at G with confusion. “It was ME who’s in the wrong here, I shouldn’t have lost control like that, and I certainly didn’t mean to scare you like I did.”

Only then did both of them realise just how idiotic both of them were, granted Nyx was certainly scared and rightly so but even she had the common sense to trust G’s character, as for G himself, he probably should have made more of an effort to make up with Nyx sooner. At that moment, both of them couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh man, we really are a pair of clueless clots aren’t we?” G chuckled. “But still, I feel that I should be the one to make the biggest apology here.”

“Hey it’s okay, really,” Nyx said hearteningly. “I mean I know what it’s like to…”

However Nyx had to force a hoof over her mouth to keep herself from saying that last part, after it was a secret that she could never share with anyone in the group, especially Goggles or G, however now that she let something slip the said Living Genre couldn’t help but feel curious.

“What it’s like to what?” he asked, making Nyx feel even more nervous.

“It’s nothing!” Nyx quickly said, trying desperately to change the subject. “Forget I said anything!”

But G wasn’t one to back down so easily, especially since he had a rising suspicion as to what Nyx was trying to hide

“…To be the one others are afraid of?” he asked, much to Nyx’s surprise. “Am I close… Miss Nightmare Moon?”

Upon hearing that name, Nyx felt like her whole world was going to break apart, for that was one part of her life that she hoped would never return or even mentioned again, especially since she was now around a group of friends who had absolutely no idea who Nightmare Moon was… well, possibly with the exception of Goggles but he clearly overlooked the resemblance. But G, the one person in the group that she believed saw the best in everyone he met, even the Dazzlings, knew the whole time who she was.

“How did you know!?!” she squealed fearfully.

“I know everything kid,” G answered casually, before taking a moment to think about his answer. “Well, MOST of everything.”

Of course he did, he was a Dimensional Jumper for crying out loud! He probably knew that she was just the result of a botched up spell too, still she had to make sure her secret remained as such.

“Please don’t tell anyone!” she begged desperately, hoping that G was enough of a friend to actually keep her secret.

“Who do you think I am, Gabby Gums?” G replied, almost offended that Nyx would actually believe that he would let a secret like that out, after all he has his own secrets and he certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone those, so keeping Nyx’s secret should be no problem.

Upon hearing G say that Nyx allowed herself to let out a sigh of relief, however there was still a question on her mind that she needed an answer to.

“So you knew, huh?” She asked, almost afraid of the answer G was going to give her. “And you wanted to help me all the same?”

At those words G let out a sigh of his own, he should have known that Nyx would be sceptical that anyone who knew anything about someone as evil as Nightmare Moon could ever think of helping her even if she was only an innocent filly now, still now that she knew that G was complete aware of her own secret, the Living Genre believed that it was only fitting that he show the same courtesy she was willing to show him. Besides, he didn’t really care about the whole evil background anyway.

“What can I say?” he chuckled. “I’m a sucker for anything cute.”

Taking that joke as a sign of good faith, Nyx allowed herself to smile again and give G a playful kick to the shin.

“Goofball!” she chuckled.

After that, the two simply sat in G’s bedroom and laughed, happy in the knowledge that everything now seemed to be as it should be.


By the time, Chef had finished cooking up lunch for everyone, a fair few smiles of approval were shared between several members of the group, particular Laura and Aria, who were both glad that Nyx and G were finally talking to each other again, better yet she actually chose to sit next to him at the dining table. Of course the news as to why Nyx was so nervous around G these last couple of weeks spread like wildfire, mainly due to the fact that Ruby couldn’t keep her mouth shut for long about something like that, luckily everyone was understanding of the situation by the time everyone sat down for lunch, all of course except for Uncle, who was still doing research in his makeshift lab and Jenny who still remained in stasis upstairs. After finishing off what remained of the Ramen Chef made for him, G finally taped Nyx’s shoulder to grab her attention.

“Hey, I got something for you,” he said, pulling something out of his pocket.

Upon seeing what was in G’s hand, Nyx couldn’t help but stare in awe. What he held had to be one of the most beautiful gems she had ever seen, even her Auntie Rarity would have been jealous of its splendour, it was a light transparent blue gem the exact same shape and size of a golf-ball, and what’s more it had a slight sparkle to it like a star. Needless to say the fact that G was giving her something so beautiful was simply astounding, but WHY was he giving her this? Was this to make up for scaring her? If so then he needn’t go through all the trouble. However before she could give it any thought, or even hear what G had to say about it, the gem was seized from G’s hand by another that literally stretched across from the other end of the table.

“Hey, what’s this?” Luffy asked, taking a break from his massive pile of pork to inspect the blue gem that he had snatched.

Needless to say G wasn’t happy with this sudden occurrence, so much so that he stomped over towards Luffy with his eye twitching in anger.

“Luffy!!!” he snapped, only to be ignored by the said pirate.

“Is this some kind of treasure?” Luffy asked, sniffing the gem as if it were food. “Looks kinda like a blueberry.”

“Give me that!” G barked, snatching back the gem before Luffy could eat it, and chances are that was a strong possibility. “If you must know, this is VERY important relic, a Magic Lacrima.”

Of course G didn’t meant to blurt it out the way he did, but of course now that he has, several ears perked up.

“Did someone say magic?” Adagio asked aloud, a wicked smirk spreading across her face.

“Leave it alone Adagio,” Aria retorted, having a very clear idea as to what was going through her sister’s mind.

Upon seeing the sudden interest in the conversation he and Luffy were having, G couldn’t help but sigh.

“And thus the moment was ruined,” he said sarcastically under his breath, he was hoping that the gift he gave Nyx would have been part of something special.

Of course it was too late to turn back now since he became bombarded with questions, thankfully the first one came from the very filly he wanted to give the Lacrima to in the first place.

“So what IS a Magic Lacrima?” she asked, her curiosity now peaked up to it’s limit.

“Aye, what’s it for exactly?” Spud added.

Before another word can be said, G put on a wide grin and clicked his fingers, as the sound echoed throughout the room, the Lacrima in his hand gave off a faint glow, displaying the small amount of Magic that resided within it.


But even while in that particular realm there was curiosity and awe, far across the Multiverse of creation, there was only sorrow, worry and desperation, and all of them were mashed up in the exhausted body of one certain lavender Alicorn.

“Mmmmust… find… a way,” Twilight Sparkle groaned, forcing to keep her baggy eyes open as she continued to skim over page after page of the book she was reading. “Gotta… find… Nyx.”

After seeing Nyx disappear into a crack of light that appeared out of nowhere, this was all her mother could think about doing, for the past couple of weeks she had never left the library of her castle. And during such time she was skimmed through every possible book that could help her find her daughter, books on tracking spells, portal spells, communication spells, any kind of magic that would help her, however no matter how much she search or how many of her friends helped her, she simply had no luck. Little did she know that no matter how much she tried, there was nothing aside from G’s interference that could help her now, after all whatever knowledge she had in her books was strictly tied to her own realm of creation, of course even if she knew that, Twilight wouldn’t have cared, she would risk everything to find her daughter again. At this point in time she was alone in the library, with her assistant, Spike, and her student, Starlight Glimmer, taking a few moments to get some rest, something which Twilight herself wasn’t going to allow herself to enjoy at any cost. However even as she continued to read, both Spike and Starlight remained standing outside the library, soon joined by two more of Twilight’s friends, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, both of whom were Nyx’s honorary Aunts.

“This doesn’t look good girls,” Spike pointed out, peeking into the gap in the library doors with a worried look upon his face. “She’s been like this for days,

“Barely eating or sleeping, not to mention the stress,” Starlight added, a shared look of fear spread across her own muzzle. “It’s a wonder she hasn’t put herself in hospital yet.”

At those words both Rainbow Dash and Applejack looked at each other with anxiety, granted they understood why Twilight was going through such lengths, heck, they probably would be doing the same thing if it was their daughter who disappeared, but at the rate she was going she was going to end up killing herself in the process.

“Ah’m glad y’all brought us here when ya did,” Applejack commented as she too peeked into the library. “Ah never seen her this bad before.”

“Can you really blame her?” Rainbow Dash asked. “I mean, she basically lost her kid without any knowledge as to what happened.”

“Ever since Nyx disappeared, she’s never left the library,” Starlight added, a look of sorrow upon her face. “Spike and I have been trying to help, I even sent a letter to some of my own connections AND the Princesses but so far there’s nothing.”

Of course that bit of news only made Applejack and Rainbow Dash feel even worse, for the first couple of weeks after Nyx had disappeared, both of them along with their other friends had pulled out all the stops they could in helping Twilight find her. Some stayed in the library to help Twilight research, others spread out throughout Equestria to see whether their other friends in any neighbouring towns, villages and cities had any indication of what to do, even Spike asked his friend Princess Ember in the Dragon Lands for help, however each and every one of them came to a dead end. To put it simply, many, much to their shame, had already given up on the search. But Twilight still refused to do so, it was HER little filly she needed to find, she won’t stop, not for anything!

“We better get in there then before she hurts herself even more,” Spike suggested, earning a nod from all three ponies around him. “I miss Nyx too but I can’t stand to see Twilight like this.”

And with that, all four of them opened the doors and entered the library, catching twilight’s attention for a brief moment.

“Oh… Hey girls,” Twilight muttered, a loud yawn escaping her mouth as she returned to reading. “Come on in.”

At first neither pony nor dragon had any idea as to what to say next, they wanted to help but they had no idea had word their concerns without upsetting Twilight. Still something had to be said for the sake of their friend’s health.

“Twilight,” Applejack began. “We need to…”

But before another word could be said, a familiar sound echoed in Twilight’s ears, causing her to shoot her head up from her book and look at the ceiling above her. As she anticipated, and yet was also surprised, another crack of light appeared, however this one was far small than what she had witnessed before and emanated a blue light instead of a purple one. Suddenly something shot out of the crack, hitting Rainbow Dash smackdab on the forehead.

“OW!” The Pegasus yelped, rubbing her aching head with a hoof.

Then as quickly as it had appeared, the crack vanished, leaving everyone jaw-dropped in astonishment.

“What in Equestria was that?” Starlight exclaimed, completely baffled by what had just occurred.

“What’s this?” Rainbow Dash pondered, carefully picking up the item that struck her head. “A… Gem?”

Needless to say this sudden event certainly causes each and every one of their minds to puzzle, however there was one pony in the group who didn’t have a look of confusion, but rather realisation.

“That light,” Twilight gasped. “It was the same one that took Nyx!!!”

Upon hearing those words, everyone else stared back at Twilight as though she had suddenly caught on fire.

“You’re sure?” Starlight asked, her mind reeling about this bit of news asTwilight took the gem away from Rainbow Dash with her magic.

“Absolutely!” Twilight replied, her face plastered with the first real smile she had in days. “Maybe this gem a key to finding her!”

However while this sudden new development was something that needed to be looked into, no one else wanted Twilight to start jumping the gun, especially if this gem lead to another dead end. As everyone watched Twilight start to inspect the gem with careful detail, her friends knew they had to do something before she hurt herself.

“Now hold on there Sugarcube,” Applejack said, trying to calm the Alicorn down. “We don’t know that for sure.”

“Look Twilight, we’re all upset that Nyx is gone but…” Rainbow Dash added, only to be cut off by yet another familiar voice, one that no pony had heard in weeks,

“MOM?” it cried, seemingly out of nowhere.

Upon hearing that single word Twilight almost dropped the gem, fresh tear welling up in her eyes as the voice echoed in her ears, the tiny voice of her little filly.

“NYX!?!” she screamed desperately, shooting her head in all directions to see where the voice was coming from “Where are you!?!”

At that moment, Spike’s eyes went wide with awe.

“Twilight!” he yelped. “The gem!”

At those words all eyes fell onto the blue gem that still resided in Twilight’s magic, only this time it began emanating a magical glow of its own. Before long Twilight couldn’t help but let go and the gem continued to hover in mid-air at the centre of the room, after which Nyx’s voice was heard again, only this time far more clearly.

“G, I can’t see her,” she said, as though she were talking to someone other than Twilight.

It was then that another voice began echoing in the library, one that no pony seemed to recognise.

“One second,” it said. “Stupid thing, always conking out at the… YOW!!!”

Suddenly a blinding flash of light erupted from the gem, forcing everyone to shield their eyes for a brief moment before it faded again. Once everyone finally managed to readjust their eyesight again, they were surprised to see that something else was floating above the gem, an image of some kind, like an illustration in a book that had been sculpted out of the same blue light the gem was emanating. An image of a strange mismatched creature that resembled Discord in a way, one that seemed to be standing in an awkward position with his eye twitching in pain and smoke protruding out of his clothes.

“That should do it,” he uttered, before comically falling back and out of sight.

Obviously this display instantly confused everyone watching, however where the creature once stood, came another image, one that upon seeing Twilight felt no shame in letting her tears flow, and image of a filly, a filly that never left her heart.

“NYX!” she cried, her cheeks now drenched with tears of joy upon seeing her little filly.

Of course the feeling was obviously mutual as the image of Nyx began crying the same tears.

“MOM!” she wailed, her little hooves reaching out in front of her.

But of course no matter how much they tried no real contact could be made, granted both mother and daughter and see and hear each other, but alas the limited communication they had did not allow them to touch, which in turn made their hearts break. Still even with that terrible setback, the joy of seeing each other again was wondrous for both Nyx and Twilight.

“Oh my darling girl,” Twilight sobbed, desperately wanting to hug her child. “Are you okay?”

Hearing those words, Nyx’ image wiped away the tears that flowed down her cheeks and tried her best to answer.

“I’m fine Mom,” she said. “Really.”

“Nyx, where are you?” Twilight asked in response, that being the first thing that she needed to know.

Of course that particular question Nyx found a little bit more difficult to answer.

“It… It’s hard to explain,” she admitted, thinking hard to come up with the best choice of word. “But… well, I’m kinda in a different world.”

As soon as those particular words reached their ears, everyone yelled the only thing that popped into their heads in response.

“You’re WHAT!?!” they all yelled simultaneously.

“Don’t worry, I’m safe!” Nyx quickly replied, wanting everyone to be as calm as possible, perhaps changing the subject would be a good tactic. “How is everyone? Is Spike doing okay?”

Upon hearing his name, the little dragon couldn’t help but smile as he jumped up onto Twilight’s back in order to allow Nyx a better view of him.

“Hey Nyx!” he cried, desperately trying to hold back his own tears of joy.

“Hi Spike!” Nyx squealed in response. “It’s so good to see you!”

Not only did seeing Spike again add to Nyx’s happiness, but as soon as Nyx caught a glimpse of her Aunts, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, her heart felt like it was about to burst, even seeing Starlight Glimmer, a pony who only just came into her life recently, gave her a true feeling of home. Still even as she and the others crowded around the gem, their thoughts riddled with questions and longing, there was one that Twilight felted needed to be asked.

“Nyx, honey, please tell me how to find you!” she said desperately. “Do you know where you are?”

“Not exactly,” Nyx answered, her face clearly showing that she wished she could say different. “We’ve kinda been hoping around from place to place so I can’t really give you a good description.”

Of course hearing this Applejack couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

“We?” she asked. “Sugarcube, are ya saying you ain’t alone out there?”

At those words Nyx gave a gentle smile.

“Yeah, I’m not the only one that this has happened to,” she explained. “But don’t worry, everyone here has become amazing friends to me, some might even give you quite the surprise. There’s even one who’s trying to get me back home.”

Hearing that last part, Twilight’s eyes widened with anticipation, as did her longing heart.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked.

Nyx couldn’t help but sigh at that.

“I’m afraid not,” she said sadly. “G said that the only way for me to get back home now is to follow his plan of action.”

Needless to say, Twilight found those particular circumstance rather suspicious, granted she was more than willing to do anything to bring her daughter home, but this G character was someone, or someTHING that she had never encountered before, clearly he was that creature that had appeared before Nyx did. Just what was he exactly?

“And you’re sure you can trust him?” Starlight asked, voicing everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

At first Nyx didn’t respond, turning her head away in deep thought, after a moment of silence she then turned her head back to everyone with an even bigger smile on her face.

“Yeah…” she said, the tone of confidence strong in her voice. “He’s my friend.”

Granted Twilight may have been sceptical, but the way her daughter said those words and showed her little smile, she knew that there was a bond between her and this G person, a true friendship if she ever saw one, perhaps following along with the idea could be the only way to have her daughter back. Suddenly the light from the gem began to flicker, almost as though the flame upon a candle was about to go out, not only that but the image of Nyx suddenly began to flicker too, flicker and fade.

“Nyx?” Twilight gasped, her eyes staring in horror as the image of her daughter began to disappear. “What’s happening!?!”

However judging by whatever expression everyone was able to make out through the now-blurred image of the little Alicorn, it was clear that Nyx didn’t know what was going on herself. Suddenly the voice from before echoed again.

“Dammit!” it snapped. “The stupid Lacrima is losing power!”

Upon hearing those words, whatever was left of Nyx’s image gasped and focused her gaze upon her mother as long as she possibly could.

“I’m sorry mom, I gotta go,” she said desperately. “I love…”

But before the sentence could be finished, Nyx’s image disappeared into nothing and the light faded from the gem, it’s magic now depleted as it fell to the ground, luckily Spike managed to catch it before it could smash upon impact. After taking a moment to absorb what had just happened, Twilight’s smile returned as a fresh stream of tears rolled down her face.

“I love you too Nyx,” she whispered, knowing exactly what her daughter was trying to say.

With those final words, Twilight’s eyes gently closed and her hooves collapsed beneath her body as she fell to the ground, the exhaustion and sorrow finally catching up to her as she lost consciousness.

“TWILIGHT!” Starlight cried, catching her in her magic before she really hurt herself.

“We better get her to the hospital STAT!” Rainbow Dash added, picking the Alicorn up onto her back as they all raced out of the door.

However little did the realise that while Twilight may have been out cold from her ordeal, what they didn’t notice that the whole time Rainbow Dash carried her… she was smiling.


Back at G’s house in Denmark, the same light faded from Nyx’s gem as it fell onto the carpet in front of her. She just couldn’t believe it, after several weeks of being separated from her she was finally able to see her mom again, granted she could reach out and hug like she truly wanted, but it was her MOM she was seeing, the one pony she cared about more than anyone.

“I miss you mom,” she whispered, another tear flowing own her cheek.

She may have been trying to avoid being so sappy nowadays, especially given her most recent circumstances, but even with a good number of the group watching her she didn’t care, she needed those tears to flow, and there was no shame in it. Taking a moment to lift her head, Nyx then couldn’t help but notice G picking up the Lacrima he gave her, upon seeing him her smile couldn’t be wider.

“Damn thing must have timed out,” G grumbled with a heavy sigh. “It might take another day for it to fully charge for another…”

At that moment G stopped in mid-sentence as he suddenly felt a pair of tiny hooves wrap around his neck. As he looked down at the little filly tightly embracing him, G could easily feel the tears soaking into his vest, so much so that he couldn’t help but return the hug, fearing that he may have upset her with his gift. But surprisingly enough as soon as Nyx looked up at G’s face, he was met with a small smile.

“Thank you,” she uttered, the tears of joy still streaming down her face.

Hearing this, G couldn’t help but smile back, as did everyone else who was watching. After spending several minutes in each other’s embrace, Nyx then finally jumped out of G’s arms and wiped away her tears, her eyes completely cried out. Seeing that now was as good a time as any, Laura then walked over towards Nyx and tapped her shoulder.

“Come on sweetie,” she said. “Let’s get you an ice-cream or something.”

And with that, Laura led the little filly out of the living room and into the kitchen, followed by several other members of the group and leaving G alone with Edward, Franky, Aria and Goggles, who felt that they needed to stay for the moment. At that moment, G couldn’t help but notice Goggles giving him a small smirk.

“What?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Goggles couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“That is without a doubt, THE nicest thing you could have ever done,” Goggles replied, giving the Living Genre a thumbs-up. “Nyx really needed that.”

“You said it dude,” Franky sobbed, waterfalls of tears flowing down his face as he blubbered like a baby. “I’M NOT CRYING!”

Even Aria couldn’t help but smile as she crossed her arms and leaned up against the wall.

“Gotta hand it to you G,” she sighed. “While I may be new to this whole nice-thing, you’ve actually earned my respect with what you just did.”

Now it was G’s turn to be dumbstruck, granted he wanted to do something nice for Nyx but he never actually thought everyone else would be happy about it, especially given the fact that none of them had the same privilege. Still G appreciated the support.

“Thanks guys,” he said, taking a seat on one of the armchairs.

“I don’t suppose you have any more of those Lacrimas do you?” Goggles asked hopfully, the thought of his own family rushing through his mind.

At those words, G let out a solemn sigh.

“Afraid not,” he admitted sadly. “I only had the two, and trust me that connection wasn’t very easy to make even with one on either side of the void. Phones are one thing but this is a whole other story.”

Needless to say hearing that came as a great disappointment, sure the Gizmonk certainly wanted to see his own family again, but he also knew that if anyone deserved the chance more than anyone it was a lost child missing her mother, a sentiment that he felt was shared with everyone else. Of course it’s not like G LIKED singling Nyx out for the opportunity to contact home, but given the circumstances he felt that it was the right thing to do. After all it was like he said, he only had the two connecting Lacrimas and even if he could adjust them like he did Chi’s phone anyone else’s method of communication was seriously lacking. For example, Ruby’s scroll has been down since a recent incident with communications back in her own realm so it wouldn’t work even if she tried, Franky and Luffy’s only method of communication was a transponder snail and unfortunately aside from all other piece of junk in his pocket, G never found it necessary to carry one on his person, Uncle was just too stubborn to modernise past anything without a cable attached to it, and chef left his own cell phone back in his own realm, everyone else was either without anything in regards to communication, or in the Dazzlings’ case, don’t have anyone to contact anyway. G didn’t even WANT to touch the subject on Laura’s circumstance, especially since she was supposed to be dead in her own realm. In any case everyone else seemed to understand to some extent why Nyx was given the opportunity, especially given recent events.

“I guess it was only lucky that the walls of creation were just weak enough to send something small through,” Aria commented. “At least that’s how YOU put it anyway, I’m not too understanding when it comes to that sort of thing.”

G nodded at that and let out yet another heavy sigh.

“Shame the seal repaired itself just as quickly it was broken,” he pointed out, much to his own disappointment. “It could take ages for it to get a lifeform through.”

At this point, Goggles jumped up onto G’s shoulder and gave him a playful noogie.

“Hey, you’ll figure it out,” he said, reassuringly.

“You always do,” Edward added with his own smile, repeating what he had stated before the journey had even begun.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, not with resentment, but rather respect, G couldn’t help but smile. Even Goggles seemed to have finally forgiven him for the little spat they had back at Bodega Bay, it was nice. At that moment, Franky finally stopped blubbering and pulled out a six-pack of cola from behind the sofa and handed everyone a bottle with a toothy grin, Edward being having more difficulties and needing a straw put in his.

“Until then I say we each have a small drink,” he said, finally pasting a bottle to G.

“To all of us getting home,” Goggles declared, raising his bottle to make a toast.

Following the Gizmonk’s example, everyone’s smile widened, and they too raised their bottles of cola, however G was a little more hesitant than the other were. But after taking another moment to contemplate the situation, he finally raised his bottle with a smile and added to the toast.

“To the journey ahead.”
Creation - Chapter 39
The Newest Chapter of My crossover Fic


Author’s Notes:


The Character Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke / :iconpenstrokepony:




The Character Laura belongs to :icontwokinds:




The Characters Chi and Mimi belong to :iconbleedman:




The Character Ruby Rose belongs to Rooster Teeth




For the Image of G:…


For the Image of Witch Hazel:…

Live-Action Meme - Template by Moheart7
Live-Action Meme - Template
Hello all, I know it's been a while since I came up with a new meme template, but after seeing all the Live action reboots coming out lately I just had to come up with this. This base is free to use and this is how you do it.

Select any already existing animation and choose whatever actors you believe would be perfect for the role of each of the characters should it be rebooted into live action.

And any form of animation is applicable as long as it's within reason, and that includes, Movies, Tv shows, Anime, Comics, games, etc. 

And just to make it clear as to what to do, here's an example of a finished piece…

Have fun with this :D
Live-Action Meme - The Last Unicorn by Moheart7
Live-Action Meme - The Last Unicorn
My first attempt at using the Live Action meme I created.

Name of Original: Unicorn/ lady Amalthea
Actor for Rebooted Character: Emilia Clarke

Name of Original: Schmendrick the Magician
Actor for Rebooted Character: Matt Smith

Name of Original: Molly Grue
Actor for Rebooted Character: Helena Bonham Carter

Name of Original: Prince Lir
Actor for Rebooted Character: Chris Evans

Name of Original: King Haggard
Actor for Rebooted Character: Benedict Cumberbatch

Name of Original: Mommy Fortuna
Actor for Rebooted Character: Leslie Uggams

Name of Original: Ruhk
Actor for Rebooted Character: Peter Dinklage

Name of Original: Captain Cully
Actor for Rebooted Character: John Reese Davis

Name of Original: Mabruk
Actor for Rebooted Character: Robert Carlyle

Name of Original: The Skull
Actor for Rebooted Character: John Kassir

Base and use instructions found here found here:…
Medabots - NightBlade by Moheart7
Medabots - NightBlade
I've been feeling a little Nostalgic today, so I decided to create a little piece based of one of the first Animes I ever watched while growing up.

Character Bio:

Name: NightBlade
Type: Bat
Medafighter: N/A
Medal: Bat…
Specialty: Sonic Waves 
Chapter 38 – An Unexpected Friend

To say that returning to G’s dimension after her failure in Middle-Earth wasn’t the happiest moment for Scanty would definitely be an understatement, in fact the second she got back she took out her frustration by shooting up one of the walls with her revolvers. Not only that but the dimension itself has now taken a drastic change in appearance, of course room where the pillar of light was kept still remained, but outside it the entirety of the area was expanded, so much so that one could build an entire army within it, and in a sense that’s exactly what happened. Not only did Scanty and her hunting party return to the realm, but the army of orcs that pledged her allegiance to her decided to join them… along with a couple of other individuals.

“Ah tell you, this is harassment!” Ranamon screamed from her cage. “Y’all can’t treat me like this!!!”

As it turned out, both Ranamon and Ezekiel weren’t welcomed to G’s home realm with open arms, in fact because Scanty thought she was more of a flight-risk than anyone, she call Kneesocks ahead of time, who in turn ensnared both Ranamon and Ezekiel upon arrival and locked them both in giant birdcages that hovered several feet above the ground, orbiting the pillar of light like a moon to a planet. Needless to say, while Ezekiel never stopped trying to chew the bars of his cage, Ranamon never stopped whining ever since arrival.

“Oh shut up in there already!!!” Kneesocks screamed from below, throwing her glass of wine at the cage, temper starting to boil over due to putting up with Ranamon’s complains ever since she arrived. “Honestly I don’t know why you even brought her here sister.”

Scanty couldn’t help but sigh at that.

“Believe me Kneesocks, I’m having trouble contemplating that myself,” she said, taking a sip of wine from her own glass. “But as I’ve explained before, the orcs continued to follow me even after my hunting party made it back to Weathertop, I figured they would make a decent army given the proper disciple and rules applied to their military might, but unfortunately thanks to our little encounter with that mismatched vermin and his friends, the watery bimbo and her pet insisted in coming along with us.”

“All because she’s a girl with a crush,” Kneesocks concluded, rubbing her temples with irritation.

Granted Scanty and Kneesocks aren’t usually ones to damper on the feelings of the heart, however Ranamon’s case was simply too much for them to bear, especially since she never seemed to shut up about G throughout her constant whining.

“And yet she also wants to kill him for carrying that perverted picture of you my dear,” Scanty commented, almost cringing upon remembering the photo that was found in G’s pocket. “A prime example of love-based insanity if I do say so myself.”

Kneesocks couldn’t help but nod at that, her face suddenly obtaining a small smirk as she pulled said photo out of her pocket. Obviously Scanty was going to keep it to preserve her sister’s dignity… or so she claims.

“Though I must admit, it IS a flattering picture,” Kneesocks admitted, looking at herself in a bikini with a deep blush upon her face. “Be honest, I do look good.”

Now it was Scanty’s turn to blush, all the while obtaining a seductive smirk of her own.

“Indeed, you do my dear,” she said, leaning over Kneesocks shoulder in a caring manner to take another look at the photo.

However as it could be expected over the past few days, the moment was quickly ruined by the inane cackle from someone in the third cage above them, causing both sister to grit their teeth in anger.

“And then there’s our OTHER guests,” Kneesocks commented, looking up at the third cage and putting the photo back in her pocket.

Needless to say Slappy was being just as big, if not more of an annoyance as Ranamon was, ever since Rahzar brought him and his puppets back from Bodega Bay, he has done nothing but cackle to himself and refuse to speak even when under torture. Eventually the villains simply gave up on trying to get information out of him and decided to let Slappy hang in his cage, the lifeless bodies of his puppets surrounding him like a baby’s mobile, the only sound he ever made being the inane cackles he would let out every now and then. It was at that moment that Bebop and Rocksteady walked by the two sisters, both of them carrying numerous weapons to provide the orcs in their new training room/forge.

“Da, ever since the Rahzar bring back Dummy, little freak has been nothing but trouble,” Rocksteady commented with an agitated huff.

“That’s putting it mildly yo!” bebop added. “I lean in close to get a good look at him, and he near bites my piggy-hand off!”

Both Scanty and Kneesocks simply rolled their eyes at that, even Rocksteady couldn’t help but face-palm upon hearing his comrade’s complaint, after all it was the pig’s own fault for lowering the cage and poking his fingers through the bars, all because he was an immature idiot. Seeing the two mutants in her presence, Scanty couldn’t help but ask a certain question.

“Has Rahzar still not left the dojo?” she asked, earning a shake of the head from Rocksteady.

“Niet,” he said, continuing on towards the training room with Bebop. “Has been training non-stop ever since he come back, said he needed to up game.”

And with that the two mutants left, leaving the two sisters alone with their thoughts.

“Can’t say I blame him,” Kneesocks admitted. “After all he did fail miserably while perusing G through the portal, not to mention the state he was in when he used the Wanted Poster to alert us to his location.”

“Indeed,” Scanty said, nodding in agreement and taking another sip of wine. “The stench he brought back alone was enough to make me want to retch.”

Bad comments aside, Rahzar WAS in a terrible state once he finally returned to G’s home realm with Slappy in tow, with dried blood matting his fur, on top of several bruises and the stink of wet dog after dragging Slappy’s trunk out of the ocean, one would think that he was mugged and dumped into a harbour. After adding unable to get Slappy to talk when he got back to his list of failures, he soon cleaned himself up and began fighting in the newly created dojo, believing that it was his lack of proper training in recent days that made him look so much like a fool whilst in the last realm. If they had to be honest, both Scanty and Kneesocks couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy for mutant, after all they both knew their own forms of humiliation, mostly due to the faults of a certain pair of angel they knew. Suddenly their train of thought was interrupted by another fit of laughter, only to them this one was far more annoying.

“Fehfefefefefefefefefefe!!!” Foxy laughed as he casually walked over to the two sisters, Porche and Hamburg following close behind. “So the wolf is still in a stroppy mood is he? Is that what we’re talking about now?”

Upon seeing their least favourite member of the group, both the Demon Sisters couldn’t help but sigh, just knowing that he was now free to roam the realm as he pleases simply made them sick to their stomachs.

“That is none of your concern, Pirate,” Scanty snapped in response, only to have Kneesocks place a hand on her shoulder.

“Now sister, be nice,” she said, even though she wished it were otherwise. “After all it was Foxy’s idea for wanted posters that helped us track down Rahzar.”

Of course Foxy was going to milk the fact that he aided in the search for G with all he’s got, after all if there was anything Foxy was good at it was to worm his way to the top by any means necessary, so it was only natural that he nagged Kneesocks into giving him more leeway after he gave his advice on the Wanted Posters. If Kneesocks had it any other way then Foxy would have been stuffed into a fourth cage along with his two friends.

“Darn right it was MY idea!” he said smugly, once again annoying the sisters with his ego. “Now perhaps it would be best if we could let bygones be bygones, yes?”

As soon as Foxy said those words, on cue Porche and Hamburg once again did their little praising/insulting routine.

“That’s our boss for you,” Porche said with a small wink. “Always the one to be the bigger man.”

“Or just a short guy with a big ego,” Hamburg muttered with a laugh. “Pupupupupupupupu.”

Porche simply growled at that remark.

“That’s enough Hamburg!” she snapped angrily.

But despite Foxy’s sly way of speaking, neither Scanty nor Kneesocks were so easily fooled by anyone’s egotistic charm. Of course neither of them would ever allow Foxy to actually realise it.

“Well… seeing as how you did at least attempt to become useful to our little group, perhaps allowing you some benefit of the doubt would be in our best interests,” Scanty said reluctantly, practically tasting the bile in her mouth upon saying that. “After all we ARE going to need all the help we can get if we are going to find G and make him tell us all the secrets to his realm. After which, we’ll be glad to snuff him out.”

Upon hearing those words, Foxy’s grin widened, in his mind believing that it was now only a matter of time before he was running the entire realm, first he gets in good favour with the other villains, then he recruits close allies, soon enough HE’LL be on top of the food chain, NOT the Demon Sisters.

“Glad we have finally come to an understanding,” He finally said. “Now perhaps we can… what the hell!?!”

It was then that Foxy suddenly felt something solid wrap around his throat, an item that was so heavy and thick that it was a wonder how it was able to cling onto him so quickly, at that moment the pirate’s ears rang with the sound of childish laughter as another pair of individuals emerged from the other side of the pillar of light, a pair that made bot Scanty and Kneesocks smirk upon seeing their faces.

“I may be only 11, but you have to admit that was a good shot,” Chi smugly said, brandishing the crossbow-like weapon. “Especially considering the size of that pencil neck of yours, Foxy.”

Upon seeing Chi and Mimi walk with a smug grin plastered upon their faces, Foxy couldn’t help but growl furiously.

“Well done Chi,” Kneesocks said gratefully, graciously accepting the spare glass of wine Mimi gave her. “Oh and thank you Mimi”

“WHAT IS THIS!?!” Foxy demanded, desperately wanting to know why he was being subjugated to wearing a collar like an animal.

Both Scanty and Kneesocks grinned at that.

“Just because we’re giving you a little leeway doesn’t mean we fully trust you,” Kneesocks explained.

“Therefore we require certain safeguards,” Scanty added.

“Since this realm is completely packed with everything we would need, we figured that a bit of information wouldn’t be too difficult to acquire,” Chi added, causing Foxy’s jaw to drop. “All we had to do was enter your name in Kneesocks’ computer and then poof.”

To emphasis the point, Kneesocks then clicked her fingers and a hologram of a certain Wanted Poster flashed in front of Foxy, Porche and Hamburg, FOXY’S Wanted Poster.

“Silver Fox Foxy: Bounty of 24,000,000 Beli for Piracy,” Scanty said, listing off the basics of what the four demons knew. “Gains the power of Slow-Slow because he ate a Devil Fruit and as such is prone to all the weaknesses of any Devil Fruit user… such as a Sea-Prism Stone collar.”

All three of the Foxy Pirates couldn’t help but gasp at that, SEA-PRISM STONE!?! No, that couldn’t be possible, right? But unfortunately once Foxy tried activating his powers and found that he was unable to even produce a flicker of light, he soon realised that the demoness was telling the truth. But if this collar was made of Sea-Prism Stone, then when why wasn’t he collapsing to the floor out of pure exhaustion? Luckily Kneesocks was there to explain that particular answer.

“Oh don’t worry, it won’t make you physically weaker,” she said, sipping her wine with satisfaction. “After all, it’s something of my own design.”

“It will however stop you from using those powers of yours until WE require them,” Scanty added, causing Foxy to growl even more ferociously. “After we believe you and your two friends have become more trust worthy, only then will you be released from it.”

Needless to say, Foxy was furious at this new development, so much so that he wanted to strangle Scanty with his bare hands. However Foxy was nothing if not crafty, even if his ego was bigger than his own body he knew when it was time to be patient, and all this little setback meant that all he needed to do was just bide a little more time than he first thought.

“You can’t just…” Porche tried to say in Foxy’s defence, only for the said captain to raise his hand and silence her.”

“I understand,” Foxy muttered reluctantly, much to all four demons’ satisfaction. “Thank you for being so understanding.”

And with that Foxy and his two cronies turned and left, his pride seriously damaged after being forced to wear such a colour, as soon as they were gone, Scanty, Kneesocks and Chi couldn’t help but have a good laugh, even Mimi allowed herself to smile a little, but aside from that she remained just as stoic as ever.

“Well done on coming up with the idea for a collar, Chi,” Kneesocks said, giving the Princess of Aku a well-deserved pat on the back. “I have to say seeing him get all frustrated like that certainly was amusing.”

Chi’s smile widened at that.

“What can I say? I live for the simple things,” she said darkly, before turning to leave, Mimi quickly following.

As soon as they were gone, Scanty couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as both she and Kneesocks turned back towards the Pillar of light.

“I didn’t realise you two were so friendly,” she commented, trying not to look covetous as she once again sipped her wine.

“We did a little bonding while you were in Middle-Earth,” Kneesocks explained, keeping her expression as stoic as possible. “I have to say the child is certainly the little spitfire, perhaps she can even become one of our fiercest allies.”

Though she would never openly admit it, Scanty couldn’t help but feel a little… envious? Was that the right word? No, of course not! After all why on earth would she be jealous of a mere child? Still the fact that her dear sister was now somewhat close to someone other than her was a little disheartening for the upper-class demoness.

“Well whatever the case, we still need to figure out how we’re going to get to this new realm,” She said, brushing her emotions off and changing the subject. “Every time we attempt to go there something always ends up going wrong, and all because the portal opens up too far below sea-level, even if we could surface, it’s too far too swim for sure.”

Kneesocks couldn’t help but sigh at that as she looked up at the image now displayed upon the light pillar, the image itself being nothing more than a blue landscape with a single red dot flickering in its centre.

“And for some reason we can’t use any vehicles since the portal won’t allow them through,” she pointed out, adjusting her glasses. “Say what you want about him but I can’t help but feel envious of that G character right about now, opening up doors as he pleases? It certainly makes you wonder how he does it.”

Shanty nodded in agreement upon hearing that statement.

“How indeed?” she asked, finishing her wine and crushing the glass in her hands.

Little did the sisters know, their entire conversation was still being overheard by a certain red-haired Demon Princess, or to be more precise her little Mouse Avatar that she left behind using her powers, unnoticeable to the untrained eye, and thus the perfect spy for Chi herself while she remained in her room. Obviously she had no intention of REALLY being too chummy with the other villains, even if she was THAT horrible she wouldn’t even associate with such lowlifes due to her pride, but still she needed info to pass onto G and getting friendly with the demon Sisters seemed to be the best way to do that. Hopefully they won’t discover that she too was trying to get on good terms with them, albeit doing a much better job than Foxy since the sisters actually believed her, perhaps it was her natural charm. But bratty ego aside G’s concern for G’s mission has left her in a tight spot, even if she was able to keep herself out of danger, Chi still had Mimi to take care of, granted the clawed demoness was tough but even she had her limits, and with more and more villains filling up G’s home, the danger only grew with each passing day.


Meanwhile, back within the safety of G’s Vacation Home in Denmark, everyone was within the comforts of a peaceful sleep… well, most of everyone anyway. As for a certain Alicorn Filly, her sleep was once again met with a series of nightmares too horrible to even describe, while she tosses and turned amongst her bedsheets, her forehead began to sweat as flashes of G’s monstrous form rushed through her head, changing only when an image of yet another horrible figure she hated appeared now and then, her swirling blue mane darkening the night sky and her black wings surrounded her like a cage. It was only when both evil figures laughed maniacally that Nyx finally screamed herself awake.

“Aaaaahhhhhh!!!” she yelled, once again falling out of her bed.

Once she finally managed to recover from her terrifying awaking and adjust her eyes to the darkness of the room, Nyx couldn’t help but sigh, it must have been at least 1 o’clock in the morning and she was once again wide awake thanks to those stupid nightmares. Thankfully she didn’t wake anyone up this time, even as big as G’s house was nobody really felt comfortable sleeping by themselves for obvious reasons, as such everyone shared bedrooms save for G and Nyx was bunking with Laura. Luckily even with her Keidran hearing, Laura was still fast asleep despite a small stir, which in Nyx’s opinion was a good thing, she didn’t want to make her lose any more sleep than she already did. It was then that Nyx began yet another one of her late-night rituals. Normally whenever she had a nightmare back home she would snuggle up next to her mom in her room or spend some time with a good book until she fell asleep again, however since neither were an option right now, the filly had no choice but to go with Option 3: go into the kitchen and heat up some milk.


“Mmmmugh… Sanji, cook us up some meat,” Luffy mumbled in his sleep.

Nyx couldn’t help but roll her eyes at this, after a few days of seeing Luffy attempt to sneak food out of the fridge when he thought no one was look, it was only natural for Nyx to expect to see him sleeping on the kitchen floor, clearly he still didn’t realise that G put a digital time-lock on the fridge ages ago, hence why he was unable to sneak any late-night snacks. Thankfully Nyx was able to learn the codes for this thanks to Goggles relaying the info to her after G told him, of course G couldn’t tell Nyx himself for obvious reasons. After quietly taking out a carton of milk and pouring some into a glass, the next step was to heat it, which was easy enough thanks to Goggles also showing her how to use the Microwave, something which both of them enjoyed since such a device didn’t even exist in Equestria. However even as she used her magic to levitate the warm glass to her mouth to take a sip, the terrifying thoughts of G never left her mind, and it was beginning to get on her nerves.

“What is WRONG with me!?!” she finally snapped, finishing her milk and placing the glass on the glass on the worktop. “I know G’s supposed to be my friend but… ugh, why did we have to go to that stupid hotel!?!”

Suddenly her train of thought was cut off by another sound in the kitchen, one that WASN’T Luffy’s snoring.

Scotty doesn’t know,
Scotty doesn’t know,
Scotty doesn’t know-oh,
Don’t tell Scotty…

Hovering up so that she was eye-level with the worktop Nyx then saw what was making the noise, thankfully it wasn’t so loud as to wake Luffy up, the device in question being something Nyx had seen before when G received a message from his friend on the Villains team back in Middle-Earth. Not really having any other idea as to what to do, Nyx then used her magic to pick the phone up, pressed the green button and put it to her ear.

“Uh… hello?” she said nervously, not really knowing what to expect.

It was then then Chi’s voice rang in the young filly’s ears in response.

“Hello?” she asked in a shocked tone. “Who the hell is this!?! Where’s G!?!”

Needless to say the young filly was startled, especially since she never used a phone before, however she has seen G use it a couple of times to know that there was no real danger and decided to give an answer to the question she heard from the device.

“H… he’s sleeping upstairs!” she said quickly.

At first there was no answer after she said that, but after a brief moment of silence Nyx heard a sigh.

“Oh right, I forgot what time it is,” Chi’s voice said in a calmer tone. “Then again that lazy bum would probably sleep in like he usually does anyway.”

Nyx couldn’t help but giggle at that.

“Yeah I guess that sounds about right,” she replied, forgetting her fear of the Living Genre, even if it was only for a brief moment.

“Who is this anyway?” Chi’s voice asked in response. “I assume you’re one of those friends he’s traveling with?”

“Y… yeah, my name is Nyx,” the Alicorn answered. “You’re Chi, right?”

That was when Chi’s voice regained its aggressive tone

“That’s PRINCESS Chi to you,” she snapped. “I don’t like being so informal on a first introduction!”

“Sorry!” Nyx squealed in response, after which she took a moment to calm down, after all Chi was supposed to be a friend. “So what did you need to talk to G about?”

At first there was silence again, most likely due to the fact that Chi was taking a moment to think up a good answer for the filly.

“Eh, I’ll tell him in the morning, it’s not that important anyway,” she finally said, much to Nyx’s disappointment, she was hoping to get a bit of an update on what’s been going on lately. “So… he started driving you crazy yet? Knowing G, he’s probably blown something up by now.”

However despite Chi attempting to put on a friendly tone in order to change the subject, Nyx’s face fell and she dove into silence. How could she possibly answer that when she couldn’t even look at She without feeling absolutely terrified? Of course after a long period of silence Chi quickly began to notice that something was wrong.

“Hey,” she said. “Are you okay?”

“Oh… yeah!” Nyx replied quickly, suddenly realising how long she has been quiet. “I’m fine!”

But that answer was soon followed by more silence, luckily it didn’t take too long for Chi to figure out what was wrong.

“You saw him get angry didn’t you?” she asked, instantly causing Nyx’s eyes to widen with surprise.

“How did you…?” she tried to ask, only for Chi to cut her off.

“Listen, I’m not gonna beat around the bush about this,” she explained. “I’ve known G for a long time now, so I know one or two things about his temper.”

That certainly was a good point, if she was his friend then Chi WOULD know a lot more that Nyx did, and judging from the amount of time it took for her to figure it out then perhaps it was worth looking into.

“What do you mean?” Nyx asked curiously.

“You’ve probably noticed G’s mostly a goofy idiot right?” Chi asked in response, earning herself a small “yes” from the filly. “Well there are times when he gets serious, and that’s always when someone he cares about is involved, hurt his friends and he seriously hurts you back, especially once those black flames start engulfing that arm of his.”

At those words, the horrible memory of what happened back at Bodega Bay, Slappy kicking her, G losing control and that horrible aura that surrounded him when his skeletal arm went up in black fire.

“You know about that?” Nyx asked reluctantly, not really wanting to relive the memory.

“Saw it first-hand a while back,” Chi replied with a heavy sigh. “And frankly I’m still having nightmares about it.”

So G managed to scare Chi too? A girl that G basically said was a She-Devil and even she was scared by his rage, and yet…

“But… you’re not scared of him?” Nyx asked, voicing out her concern.

It was then that Nyx clearly heard Chi laugh from the phone.

“Of course not,” she chuckled. “Because I always remember the type of guy he really is.”

Nyx couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at that.

“An eccentric goofball in a cowboy hat?” she asked, causing Chi to laugh again.

“No,” she stated. “A guy who I’d be happy to call my friend.”

At those words Nyx let out a small gasp, Chi STILL considered him her friend even after seeing that horrifying display? Wouldn’t that be dangerous? After all it’s not like Nyx was just judging G by his appearance alone, he also beat Slappy to pulp before he managed to calm down. And yet there was something about what Chi said that made Nyx think, the only reason G got so angry was because SHE was hurt, he really cared about her that much to go crazy like that?

“Listen I gotta go,” Chi finally said, snapping Nyx back into reality. “Tell G I said hi, okay?”

After a brief moment of silence Nyx then smiled again.

“Sure, thanks Princess Chi,” she said. “Oh, before you go, do you think that we can talk again sometime? I’d like to hear more about you.”

It was then that she heard Chi’s laughter again.

“Maybe,” she chuckled. “I’ll see if it’s possible.”

“Okay, well… Bye then,” Nyx finally replied, pressing the red button on the phone.


Back in her room in G’s dimension, Chi hung up her own cell phone with a small smile upon her face.

“Sweet kid,” she commented, only to hear a small crack in response.

Upon turning around she saw Mimi, stepping out of their En Suite bathroom, wearing a bathrobe and holding a coffee mug, which was now crack thanks To the young demon gripping it so hard out of anger.

“Oh don’t give me that look Mimi,” Chi chuckled, soon pinching Mimi’s cheek after she gave her a jealous pout. “You’re still my number-one gal.”


Meanwhile back in Denmark, Nyx decide to take Chi’s words into account and decided to do the one thing she was afraid to do for several days… talk to G. If Chi could still consider G a friend even after seeing the horrifying state he was in then there was no reason she couldn’t do the same… right? However once Nyx reached the door to G’s bedroom, she couldn’t bring herself to open it, granted she knew she needed to in order to get some closure but she just felt too scared to do so, was this what her Auntie Fluttershy felt all the time. Suddenly a faint sound from the other side of the door reached Nyx’s ears, curious as she was, the filly then turned the doorknob with her magic and peeked inside to see G sprawled out on the floor in a pool of his own drool, surrounded by heaps of junk and snoring like an elephant. At first Nyx expected herself to quickly close the door and run back downstairs in a fit of panic, but she never did, in fact seeing G as he is now, all that she could think about was the times when she had to wake him up after he attempted to sleep in.  It was then that Nyx couldn’t help but smack herself upside her head, how could she have been so stupid? After all that they’ve been through, now she’s basically shunning him after he saved her life? Granted he may have been scary but that was no reason to keep her distance, besides, wasn’t it SHE who said that we needed to stick together? What kind of hypocritical friend was she!?! Upon realising this, Nyx knew she had to apologise, and it needed to be a pretty GOOD apology at that, but that’ll have to wait until morning, she didn’t want to disturb G in whatever dream he was having. Though it certainly had to have been a weird one since G was now kicking his leg like a dog, a display that instantly made Nyx giggle, the first real laugh she had in a good while.

“She was right,” she whispered. “You really ARE a goofy idiot.”

And with that, Nyx closed the door and walked back to her own room, after all she will have to make sure her apology was well worded before she finally managed to talk to G again.
Creation - Chapter 38
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