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The Last Leprechaun by Moheart7
The Last Leprechaun
Just an idea for a film I had about Irish folklore, a little something I imagined in the style of Tomm Moore's work.

After her parents died in a car crash, young American, Clover Doyle is sent to live with her Grandpa Alroy in Ireland, where she soon discovers a strange little man causing mischief around the farmhouse. Upon finally catching the strange being, Clover meets Seamus, the last Leprechaun in existence, who in turn shows her the true value of family with the help of Alroy and Mona, the Merrow of the lake, whilst also trying to avoid the death cry of the ever-fearful Banshee, intent on finally ending Seamus's  life.

NOTE: This image was Liked by Tomm Moore himself on Twitter
Hey guys, 

Okay here's the news, I have just entered a fanfic you may know as "Pirates of the Alicorn" contest on a site called inkett. And to be blunt, I need support if I'm gonna have any chance in getting noticed much less winning. So for those of you who enjoy my work and have read my story already, please help me by following the link and supporting the story. Spread the word if you think it's good and want to share it with others, in fact spread it around even if you don't, just please help me out.…
Hellhound's Kitchen - Izumi the Mermaid by Moheart7
Hellhound's Kitchen - Izumi the Mermaid
The next in a series of new characters (all in the same universe - more to come soon) 

Bio: Originating from the Indian Ocean, due being unable to walk on land she has a customised chair built by Gremlin Technology that serves as her mode of transport and once she activates the tinted glass, also acts as her disguise when in public (More will be added later)
Hellhound's Kitchen - Gary the Gremlin by Moheart7
Hellhound's Kitchen - Gary the Gremlin
The first of a series of new characters (all in the same universe - more to come soon)

Bio: Originating from the shores of England during WWII (More will be added later)
Chapter 9 – The First Day

When G finally came back with the food for everyone, he was of course met with the same hateful glares he received before he left. He felt so unwanted that he felt the need to distance himself from the others in order to give them some space, after giving them most of the food he brought back, the then waited outside, sitting by himself in the hand-shaped garden sculpture as he gazed up into the night sky. It was at least 8 o’clock in the evening at this point, and the stars had already began to fill the autumn sky, for a while G felt himself being lost in their beauty as his mind tortured itself with questions. What’s happening back home? How will he fix this mistake? And more importantly, will he even be able to keep his promise to the others inside the mansion? He was mulling this over when he heard a snipping sound to his right, turning his head, he saw that Edward was tending his garden, snipping off any stray pieces of bush that stuck out of his sculptures.

“Oh hey Edward,” he said, grabbing the strange man’s attention. “Late night gardening again?”

Edward merely nodded at that and took another snip at one of the sculptures.

“Nice to see someone here has calmed down a bit,” G continued with a heavy sigh. “How’s everyone doing?”

“Tired,” Edward replied, taking another snip.

At those words, G sighed again and laid back on the hand.

“Can’t say that I blame them,” he admitted, mostly to himself. “They did have a rough couple of days.”

“Can you really help them?” Edward asked, not turning his head away from his work.

“I’m gonna try,” G replied honestly, once again looking up at the stars. “Though I have to admit I don’t know how just yet.”

“You will,” Edward replied, catching G off guard as he looked toward his friend.

Hearing this G couldn’t help but smile, Edward always was a good friend, ever since they met all those years ago G and Edward had always shared some form of kinship, after both of them weren’t exactly normal compared to most beings so they had a common bond. During each visit he made to this particular world G always looked forward to coming here, mostly because Edward was someone he could talk to, someone who would never judge him for what he looked like. As he once again stared up into the night sky, G’s mind calmed, perhaps he CAN make things right…. At least he hopes he can.


The next morning everyone seemed to have calmed down a bit, Nyx was no longer crying and Laura seemed to be interacting with everyone more easily as she helped with breakfast. After giving Lug his plate of toast, Laura quickly noticed that a few individuals weren’t with everyone else, G was of course still outside and Edward was spending the morning in the attic. Goggles on the other hand, Laura had no idea where he was, just then she heard a clank behind her and turned towards the conveyor belt, where she saw the Gizmonk messing around with the large metal cube with air pumps on its sides, at the end of the belt.

“Um… excuse me?” she said nervously, trying to get the Gizmonk’s attention.

However Goggles seemed to be too caught up in his work to even acknowledge the fox-girl’s quite voice. It was then that Laura then walked over to him and gave him a small tap on the shoulder.

“Pardon me, Mister Goggles…” she said, just as Goggles looked over his shoulder.

Suddenly Goggles screamed and jumped several feet into the air, startling Laura in the process.

“Don’t you EVER do that again!!!” Goggles snapped as he hung from the chandelier.

“I…I’m so sorry,” Laura whimpered, almost on the verge of tears. “I… I didn’t mean to…”

However seeing that he had caused the fix-girl a bit of distress, Goggles instantly felt guilty about snapping at her and decided to calm her down.

“Hey relax missy,” he interrupted, climbing down from the chandelier and jumping back onto the conveyor belt. “There’s no harm done, just got a few issues with foxes is all.”

“Oh?” Laura replied, somewhat hurt by that statement.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with YOU that is,” Goggles quickly said, realising his bad choice of words. “If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of fox are you anyway? I have to admit I never seen one like you before, and certainly not nearly as pretty.”

Laura couldn’t help but blush at that, flattered by the Gizmonk’s curiosity, Goggles certainly knew how to give a good compliment when he wanted to.

“Well actually I’m what’s called a Keidran,” she answered with a gentle smile. “We come in many shapes and sizes, Tigers, Large Cats, Dogs, Wolves, and of course Foxes. I’m just one of many in my home country.”

“Wow,” Goggles gasped. “Sounds like you have quite the family group.”

“Well most Keidran species keep to their own kind,” Laura admitted, her face suddenly turning sad. “Others are kept as slaves by humans.”

Goggles looked at Laura in horror upon hearing that, the very thought of a creature such as this being kept as a slave is just sickening.

“Were you…?” he asked, almost afraid of the answer.

Luckily that’s when Laura’s smile returned and she gave the Gizmonk a ruffle in his hair.

“No, not me,” she said gently. “I guess I was one of the lucky ones, although… well, maybe I’m not so lucky given that fact that I’m here and all.”

At those words Laura’s face once again fell and she took a seat next to Goggles, who only looked up at her with deep sorrow.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, placing a paw on her arm, his face suddenly turning serious. “But since we’re now on the subject, this G character, what do think about him?”

Laura was quickly taken aback by that question, but regardless she tried her best to answer.

“Well I’m not quite sure to be honest,” she said truthfully. “He seems nice enough, and Edward has told me good things about him, when I first came here he told me that G will know exactly what to do.”

“And you believe that?” Goggles asked sceptically.

“Well Edward doesn’t really seem the type to lie,” Laura argued. “And if HE trusts him, I don’t see any reason why we can’t.”

Seeing that this particular conversation is turning into something bitter Laura then proceeded to try to change the subject.

“So… what were you doing when I interrupted you exactly?” she asked, much to the Gizmonk’s surprise.

“Well if you must know, I’ve been doing a little tinkering,” Goggles replied smugly. “From what I can tell, this machine is quite the accomplishment. I figured if I fiddled around with it, I could get it working again.”

Laura raised an eyebrow at that.

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked, earning herself a shrug from the Gizmonk.

“I was bored,” Goggles responded with a comical shrug. “And this sort of thing is fun for me, you may not believe this but I actually have my own laboratory back home.”

“Really?” Laura asked, intrigued by the Gizmonk’s statement.

“Oh yeah,” Goggles chuckled, standing up and walking along the conveyor belt, lost in a train of thought. “But I have to admit this piece of junk is vexing to me, I’ve been tinkering with it for about an hour now and I still can’t get the damn thing working!”

It was then that Goggles gave the box at the end of the belt a good kick out of frustration, however that turned out to be a mistake since the second his foot touch it, the entire structure began to roar with life. Easily startled, Laura quickly jumped off just as the conveyor belt began to move, Goggles on the other hands wasn’t so lucky, after comically running up the belt like a sprint machine, moving and inch because of it, his tail got sucked up into the box at the end and thus he ended up getting swallowed up by the large beast of a machine.

“Goggles!” Laura screamed, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Within moments everyone had come running, fear stricken about the panic in Laura’s voice.

“What happened!?!” Nyx asked fearfully.

“I…  I don’t know what happened,” Laura replied, fighting back her tears. “He just kicked the… the thing and he…”

However before she could finish her sentence, something had smashed down the front door and zoomed past the others.

“Hang on Goggles, I’m coming!” G yelled as he punched through the metal box with his cybernetic arm.

After digging through the hot machine like a lucky dip for a few brief moments, G then retracted his arm, pulling out a charred, yet still alive Gizmonk by his tail, who at this point was wide-eyed with shock.

“Are you okay lad!?!” Lug asked fearfully.

“Speak to us!” Nyx added, her heart pounding in her chest in fear for Goggles’ health.

At first the Gizmonk said nothing, however after about a minute he then coughed up a bit of smoke and chuckled.

“Holy smoke!” he laughed. “What a rush!”

Though relieved that Goggles was alright, everyone couldn’t help but sigh and roll their eyes upon seeing the Gizmonk’s unphased, yet terrible sense humour. Upon seeing that Goggles was okay G then sighed with relief and carelessly dropped him to the floor.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to mess around with ovens?” he asked with a deadpanned look.

“That was an oven?” Goggles asked dizzily before passing out.

While most people would be concerned at this point, as of course most who were in the room were, G merely shrugged Goggles’ sudden knock out off.

“Eh, he’ll be fine,” he said, casually walking away.

However before G could take another step towards the door, he saw Edward standing at the foot of the stairs, his face saddened by the destruction of the oven. Realising his mistake, G smacked himself across the head.

“Oh Edward I am so sorry,” he pleaded to the scissor-handed man. “I’ll fix this right up.”

All of a sudden G then walked back towards the punctured oven and placed his cybernetic hand upon it, needless to say everyone watching was confused by this display at first, however soon their jaws dropped in awe as they witnessed G’s eyes glow a brilliant white and the energy lines in his Sci-Fi arm pulsated a luminescent green. What happened next send everyone’s minds’ reeling, all of a sudden the green energy in G’s arm left its metallic frame and flowed towards the damaged piece of machinery, within moments the energy converted into a magical aura and the once damaged oven began to repair itself. No one in the room knew about this but this particular skill is another one of G’s abilities in regards to being a living genre, just like how the strongest genre in his body always shows whenever he is disguised, G can also manipulate something in the realm he is in with that certain body part as long as it is related. In other words, G can use his Science-Fiction themed arm to repair the Science-fiction based machine simply by manipulating its realty. However G wouldn’t normally do this since this particular skill takes up too much of his energy and he always ends up on the floor because of it, but given the fact that this machine is one of the few things left behind by Edward’s father after he died, g couldn’t stand G loosing such a treasured item. After about 5 minutes of repair work, G finally removed his hand from the oven, which once again roared with life, as did the rest of the machine, after which G then slumped down to the floor with exhaustion.

“Holy Scrap,” G gasped, finally recovering from his near-cooked experience.

“How did you do that?” Mossy asked in awe.

“Just… another one of my tricks,” G replied with a smirk, gasping for breath as he turned towards Edward, who in turned smiled back.

“Thank you,” he said simply, earning a small chuckle from his friend.

“Don’t mention it,” G replied, his mechanical arm giving off a slight spark before he walked away towards the front door. “Oh and Goggles? Next time you feel bored, do us all a favour and read a book.”

After they all stared in awe at G as he left, the group then turned back towards the conveyor belt, which at this point was now running perfectly enough for everyone to understand what it did. From what they could muster, everyone soon realized that it was a device for mixing and baking cookies, something of which Nyx was happy to see especially.

“Oh wow,” she gasped.

However while everyone else was admiring the machine itself Goggles was taking G’s advice into account, perhaps it would be better if he studied this particular science before attempting to fiddle around with it, luckily enough there seemed to be plenty of books on the nearby windowsill. Giving off a small shrug, the Gizmonk then jumped up onto the sill and grabbed the first book.

“The Journal of Professor Vincent Rattigan,” he read aloud as he opened the cover, before turning the first page. “It is no secret that I am proud of all my creations, yet I believe that my latest one shall be my greatest yet…”


Meanwhile back in G’s filing room, things had gotten from bad to completely insane. After another bunch of what felt like hours given there was no clock, the assembled villains were getting more and more frustrated given that they were unable to find anything useful in understanding how dimensional travel worked. However not only were their efforts not going so well, but Foxy and his two cronies were constantly slipping away to either concoct a plan to make sure Foxy stays on the other’s good side, or continue their search for new recruits.

“What about this Zodiac guy?” Porche whispered, making sure Rahzar wasn’t looking at them.

“No gods!” Foxy snapped. “That’s the last thing we need right now!”

“You’re right,” Porche whimpered, cringing under Foxy’s gaze. “My mistake.”

Luckily no one else seemed to be taking notice of Foxy or Porche and continued to focus on rummaging through G’s files, however after another few minute of shifting through numerous papers, Scanty was finally pulling at her hair and screaming with frustration.

“Ugh this makes absolutely no sense!!!” she screamed, tossing several papers into the air.

“Please calm down sister,” Kneesocks pleaded, gripping on Scanty’s shoulders gently. “Stress isn’t good for your complexion.”

“I DON’T CARE!!!” Scanty snapped in response. “This filing system is just as jumbled as the rest of the forsaken place!!!”

“I’m with you sister, I can’t even find the fool’s name under this all this crap!” Bebop growled, tossing more papers under. “It’ll take us years to go through all of this!”

“There is also the fact that I’m starting!” Chi added, Mimi nodding in agreement.

And they weren’t the only ones, while they haven’t realised it at first each and every one of the villains were starving, for none of them had eaten since before coming here. The only reason they hadn’t realised it sooner was because of the confrontation and the dire search for answers had set their minds away from their hunger, but now it was becoming too much.

“If I don’t get something to eat soon, then Fox is gonna be on the menu!” Rahzar snarled, looking towards Foxy who in turn looked back at him with fear. “Heck, I might just eat you just to shut you up.”

Needless to say, Foxy almost peed his pants when Rahzar said that, however if he had to be honest he can’t say that he blamed the wolf, after all everyone was starving to death.

“Ugh, what I wouldn’t give for an AFC right now,” Chi moaned, her mouth salivating as she thought of the delicious pieces of deep-fried chicken from home.

Suddenly as though it were responding to Chi’s wish, the smell of delicious chicken filled the air, quickly turning their heads, everyone then looked towards Mimi who at this point had a massive bucket of deep-fried chicken in her claws and munching down on a drumstick.

“Where’d you get that!?!” Kneesocks demanded, her gaze staring down the stoic girl with the ferocity of a predator ready to pounce.

In response to the demon’s question, Mimi lowered the drumstick from her mouth and pointed it towards the massive AFC stand that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They had no idea where the source of food came from, but at the moment they didn’t care, the second they saw the food everyone surrounded it like a swarm of piranhas, desperately trying to clamber over each other for the tender pieces of chicken. Within moments, everyone was stuffing their faces from their own buckets.

“Oh baby I’ve missed you!” Chi moaned, tearing away at the bundle of wings in her hand.

Needless to say, everyone shared in Chi’s excitement as they all gobbled up their own food, however as they ate hey couldn’t help but wonder where this food came from.

“It is a little odd don’t you think?” Porche thought aloud. “How this food just appeared out of nowhere?”

“It certainly is a mystery,” Kneesocks said in agreement.

“Da, is very mysterious,” Rocksteady added.

“I swear this place gets stranger by the minute!” Scanty her temper quickly starting to boil over. “Why can’t this place make sense!?!”

Suddenly, everyone felt a rumble beneath their feet, for a few brief moments the entire room shook as though it were part of an earthquake. Finally the shaking stopped and everyone scrambled to their feet and ran towards the filing room’s exit, what they saw next caused all of their jaws to drop. They had no idea how it happened but G’s entire realm had changed, the staircases nor the paintings were no longer there but instead, it was a single large circular room with several doors lining the high walls, a single circle of deep purple light smack dab in the centre of the floor with many cracks all around it like a mosaic pattern.

“What the…!?!” Foxy gasped, not having the slightest clue how else to respond to such a drastic change.

Kneesocks however couldn’t help but scratch her chin with thought, her mind riddled with questions upon seeing what was before her, suddenly she smiled.

“Astounding,” she said, grabbing everyone’s attention. “If I’m not mistaken, this entire realm must be subject to the imagination of those who occupy it.”

However that theory was quickly but with unconvinced chuckles and scoffs.

“Yeah, right!” Rahzar laughed

“Da, that makes no sense whatsoever,” Rocksteady added, trying to hold back his own laughter.

However that statement didn’t seem to phase Kneesocks in the slightest, in fact she was more determined to prove her point.

“Tell me sister,” she said, grabbing Scanty’s attention. “What were you thinking when you said your last statement?”

At first Scanty was confused to why her sister would ask such a question, but regardless she answered her.

“Mostly about my living quarters back home,” she admitted. “Comparing it to this place seemed therapeutic to me at the time.”

“And you Miss Chi,” Kneesocks continued, now grabbing the paled-faced girl’s attention. “That food we had only appeared once you began thinking of one of your favourite delicacies correct?”

“Well, yeah?” Chi answered hesitantly.

At those words, Kneesocks’ grin widened.

“I rest my case,” she said proudly.

It may have been hard to believe by Kneesocks did make a convincing argument, in fact the more Foxy, Porch and Hamburg thought about it, they did recall something similar happening when G was chasing them through his home, more specifically when the stairs seemed to move by themselves. Now that the idea had been placed in their heads, everyone was eager to try it out.

“So say if I were to open one of these doors…” Bebop quickly said, running towards one of the nearby doors and opening it with a clear idea in his head. “WOOHOO! OH YEAH, PARTY TIME YO!!!”

Just as Bebop had imagined, what awaited inside the room was in was a neon lit dance studio with roaring disco music and a disco ball glittering from the ceiling. It was as though the music-loving pig had entered his own fantasy world that he loved so much, that he spare no time in rushing in and getting jiggy the beat. Seeing Kneesocks’ theory become a reality, everyone quickly raced to another door, each of them opened to reveal a room filled with a certain being’s imagined desires.

“Zamechatel'nyy!!!” Rocksteady screamed, running into one room that was now full to the brim with all kinds of golden weapons. “Rocksteady is VERY happy!!!”

That was but one of the many reactions from everyone as the entered a certain room, however while everyone else seemed to relish at the new discovery Chi and Mimi couldn’t help but scowl at them.

“While this is all well and good, we still need to find G and bring him back here for interrogation!” she said grabbing everyone’s attention.

However this sudden new development gave Foxy the biggest grin he could ever muster as a another idea popped into his head, no one else knew it but the Pirate Captain’s luck now seemed to be changing in a positive way.

“Interrogation!?!” he laughed. “Don’t you get it? We no longer NEED him anymore, whatever we require will come to us with just a click of a finger!”

While this statement merely confused the others, Porche and Hamburg quickly understood their Captain’s intention and decided to add their piece.

“In other words, the only option left is to get rid of G before he decided to come back and take it away from us,” Porche stated.

“Time to plunder our loot,” Hamburg added with his usual goofy grin. “Pupupupupupu.”

Needless to say Chi was shocked to hear this, however she carefully made sure she didn’t show it, after all she and Mimi were still in the snake pit with all these unsavoury characters. Meanwhile Foxy’s mind was still somewhat riddled with fear, for he was desperately hoping that everyone would go along with his scheme so that he could presently silence G before he could  reveal the truth about what happened.

“Bah, what’s the whelp gonna do?” Rahzar scoffed. “He can’t take us all on.”

“Need I remind you that this was originally HIS realm!?!” Foxy argued. “If he comes back, then his twisted mind will make this entire world tear us apart if he wanted.”

While Chi may have seriously doubt that her friend would actually do such a thing, she couldn’t help but gulp in fear upon hearing that, after all she said herself that G was unpredictable. Seemingly enough, everyone seemed to share the same fear.

“I’m afraid Foxy has a point,” Kneesocks said finally, adjusting her glasses. “As much as we have learnt from only a day here, I’m afraid there are only so many answers we can answer on our own during a small amount of time. We need to eradicate this threat before it becomes one.”

Upon hearing this Foxy smiled again, as did Kneesocks’ sister.

“Perhaps it is time to imagine way to find this G character then,” Scanty said with a smirk as she brandished one of her guns. “Miss Chi? You’re the only one of us that has actually seen him other than the Jolly Roger Three here, perhaps you can help us with this one?”

While Foxy, Porche and Hamburg couldn’t help but pout at Scanty’s comment, Chi on the other hand became riddled with fear. While it was true that she wanted to make sure her friend was okay, but she also didn’t want to give anyone the means of locating him, granted G has amazing powers but even he had his limits and if these villains now possessed the power of his own realm then maybe G’s luck could eventually run out. Suddenly much to the surprise of the Japanese demon, the light in the centre of the floor shot up another beam of light directly upward, displaying G’s face as though it were a giant monitor. Chi couldn’t help but gasp at this, granted she thought of G a few seconds ago but she didn’t wish for any means to find him. Suddenly that was when she realised something important, while Chi thought of Chi’s face alone, it was the combined desires of all the other villains that made the location method come into realty. As every other villain stared at their target, Chi merely muttered to herself.

“Oh G, where are you?”
Creation - Chapter 9
the newest Chapter of my new crossover

Author’s Notes:


The Character Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke / :iconpenstrokepony:




The Character Laura belongs to :icontwokinds:




The Characters Chi and Mimi belong to :iconbleedman:




The Mentioned Character Zodiac belongs to :iconunknown7x:


Hey guys, 

Okay here's the news, I have just entered a fanfic you may know as "Pirates of the Alicorn" contest on a site called inkett. And to be blunt, I need support if I'm gonna have any chance in getting noticed much less winning. So for those of you who enjoy my work and have read my story already, please help me by following the link and supporting the story. Spread the word if you think it's good and want to share it with others, in fact spread it around even if you don't, just please help me out.…



Nov 27, 2015
4:13 pm
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