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Richard Owen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Brisbane, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favourite cartoon character: All
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Swan Lake - Odette
Hello all, now I know I said I wouldn't be touching this project for a while but I had this image made already and I figured you guys deserved at the very least a taste of what I had in mind for it.


Odette, a baker's daughter, finds herself wandering into the forest of Rothbart, a powerful sorcerer who was banished with his daughter, Odile, by his king for practicing dark magic. What's more the forest itself has a spell upon it that would force any soul that enters to be trapped forever in the form of an animal during the day, while the moon-lit night sky allows the victims of the spell to regain their human forms, the cave entrance to the forest seals itself during that time to prevent anyone from escaping and anyone who leaves the forest during the day and doesn't return by the next sun-set will be an animal permanently, lose their human minds and lose their very identity. As such, Odette finds herself trapped in this enchanted forest until one who has not been enchanted by its spell declares everlasting love to one who is... until then while human during the night, by day she is nothing more than a Swan.

So... what do you think?
Battle Beasts Insignia
We have Transformers, Lauren Faust brought back MLP into a whole new light, now I think it's high time that another Hasbro toy-line gets a much needed revamp, I am of course talking about... Battle Beasts. For those of you who don't know Battle Beasts were a line of small 2" tall toys in the form of anthropomorphic animals in robotic body armor and a unique weapon. What's more, the story-line seems to be set in the same universe as the Transformers Franchise given the fact that the armour mentioned is in fact Cybertronian in origin.

Now what should be the reboot be like...?

Proposed Storyline:

Set on the Planet of Anima, during the events of the Great war for Cybertron, a chunk of cybertronian debris falls out of the sky and crash lands on the lands of the Imperial Lions. Fascinated by the potential use of the technology  that remained, the land's King, Adofo, ordered the finest inventors in the land to revise it with their own sciences, thus allowing them to create new tools to better the lives of his people. However One particular Scientist, an Albino Crocodile by the name of Crocus, son of the king's late general, saw a different use for the technology, and thus focused all his efforts on building weapons of war. Soon enough, he began his campain to overthrow the Royal Lion Family in order to claim it as his own. Eventually the entire continent was engulfed in war between many factions of animals, all of them divided by the views of Crocus and Adofo, in time, the King's own son, Leo took up the mantle and made it his vow to protect the land he holds dear, using the very same technology as his enemies and aided by his many allies.

So... what do you guys think?
Pirate Crew Meme - Template (2017)
Hello all, as a somewhat spin-off of the book I'm writing, I thought I'd update one of my older Memes, only this time with a few extra places and role changes to relate better to an actual crew. Like all my other memes, it is free to use so...

How to use this meme:

Basically place the image of your chosen character in each box and assign each one to the role you would feel would be most suited in a Pirate Crew, as for the role themselves, here they are in order....

The appointed leader, respected and honored by all of the crew, who has control of the entire ship and it's inhabitants. 

First Mate: 
The Captain's second in command, just as respected and feared by the rest of the crew and controls the ship just as well as her only superior.

The Captain's lieutenant, basically the Captain's second ranking officer bested only by the First Mate and the Captain himself.

The third ranking officer after the Captain who's in charge of a ship's workforce and functionality during a voyage and thus is tasked to keep things running smoothly.

The one in charge of keeping the ship on course during any voyage and usually the one put in chartering the best course to sail whilst also predicting weather patterns

The ship's main caretaker, who's main job is to repair and maintain the ship to make sure it's both strong and seaworthy. 

The one who's main purpose is to provide delicious food to the entire crew.

The one who is responsible for the ship's guns and ammunition.

The one who takes care of any crewmembers who are sick or injured.

Strong climbers who are tasked to work the rigging and furl / unfurl the sails of the ship.

Morale Officer: 
A certain member of the crew who keeps the spirits of their crewmates up by means of therapy or in some cases doubling as the crew's musician.

The expert hunter whose main task is to fish and/or certain game for the ship's Cook.

Log Keeper: 
The one who works closely with the Captain and Navigator to catalog the events of a voyage.

The sole caretaker of all stolen loot on board ship and the main examiner of the loot's quality in order to understand how much it is truly worth.  

The master of stealth on board ship who's main job is to scout any ship or port before the Captain decides to pursue a plunder.

The one who stays below deck and spends most of their time in the forge, making and repairing the crew's weapons in preparation for a plunder

Also, here's MY example to help you guys out…

Have fun.
The Great Blue - Map
Basically the world where my pirates live and the setting for the story takes place in my book, sorry for the lack of details for each continent but I have yet to finialise certain details, plus I don't want to give too much away at once.

The Great Blue

Northern Region

    ·         Lapina

    ·         Tessima

    ·         Mucel Island

    ·         Omarr

    ·         Broz

    ·         Areno

    ·         Dagport

Western Region

    ·         Lanuna

    ·         Zamboco

    ·         Yorkone

    ·         Pan

    ·         Oxland

    ·         Mallar

    ·         Galeno

Southern Region

    ·         Bow Island

    ·         Patralka

    ·         Barbadus

    ·         Phantom Island

    ·         Alotopia

    ·         Changeling Island

Eastern Region

    ·         Amethyst Island

    ·         Rorvak

    ·         Frassia

    ·         Alcomex

    ·         Paraka

    ·         Lucema

Yardarm Island


Hey guys,
Bit of an update in regards to all projects I am currently doing... or WERE doing at least.
To put it simply, after spending over two months on my job and trying to do my projects, I have decided that it would be best if I took some of them and have them shelved, the main ones being...

- The second half of "The Creator's Prophecy" images
- The next chapter of "Total Drama Mashup" and all other fanfics
- The future "Swan Lake" project I was planning on doing after "The Creator's Prophecy"

I know this will come as disappointing news, especially to those who are waiting for certain images/chapters to be uploaded, but frankly I'd rather get this out in the open now, rather than have the comments build up, demanding to know what's going on. So on that note I apologise to all of you, but between my long hours at work, and the projects I've taken on, I simply don't have enough stamina nor means to keep this up.

But all is not lost, in regards to my writing, I'll still be doing my co-authoring with other people's fanfics so to those of you I am helping, you can rest assured I have not abandoned you. As for MY fanfics, I have a proposal...

Free adoption to all fanfics on hiatus, these include....

-Total Drama Mashup
-Korra's Demons

All of which can be found here:…;

For the next month or so I'll be waiting for people to come forward and see if they are interested in carrying on where me (and in some cases my co-author) left off, as such they will have creative freedom to do whatever they please with the stories and write them however they see fit. after the month is over and no one comes forward, I'll be shelving the lot of them... indefinitely. So if you truly want to see these stories continue, then spread the word and ask your favorite authors to take on the task, if not write them yourselves, because either way I just don't have it in me to do them myself anymore.

In regards to new images, while I said that I'll be shelving most of them, I may on occasion upload a random image whenever I come up with a new idea, or even attempt to bring back a project, but for a while you shouldn't expect all that much as I intend on taking a LONG breather while I focus most of my efforts on writing my book during some of my free time.

Well that's all I can say really, please tell me if you are interested in taking on my fanfics as I would hate to see one of my ideas go to waste even if it is my own fault. Once again, I aplogise for this new development, but as I have mentioned the workload has just become too much for me.



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1. Do you think Frollo hates babies?

2. Do you think Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Scott, Jo, and Lightning hate babies?

3. What do you think Gwen's opinions are about babies?
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